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Little Bitch

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Little Bitch
Little Bitch.jpg
Studio album by
RecordedThe Cemetery in Glendale, California
GenreRock, Industrial rock
LabelCockroach Records
ProducerTito Larriva
Tito & Tarantula chronology
Hungry Sally & Other Killer Lullabies
Little Bitch

Little Bitch is the third album by Tito & Tarantula, released in 2000.

It was the band's first album not to feature bassist Jennifer Condos, and showed a major departure from their former style. Instead, they now incorporated the use of synthesizer moog pedals, giving the music a much stronger pop-rock sound. In addition, they recruited the assistance of several female backing vocalists on most songs, instead of relying on the other band members to back up Tito Larriva's vocals. This musical element is something the band also featured on their next album, 2002's Andalucia, which featured bassist Io Perry singing backing vocals on almost every song. The rest of the new elements featured on Little Bitch were mostly abandoned on Andalucia, which returned a sound more similar to that featured on the band's second album, 1999's Hungry Sally & Other Killer Lullabies.

The album also contained songs written by new songwriters. Charlie Midnight, who had co-written Tito & Tarantula's 1995 hit song "Back to the House (That Love Built)", co-wrote the music for "Everybody Needs". Larriva's former Cruzados bandmate, Steven Hufsteter, co-wrote "Crime & Shame", "World at My Feet" and "Super Vita Jane"; and ended up joining the band as a second lead guitarist. The music for "Dead Person" was co-written by Dominique Davalos, who later became the band's bassist in 2005, and played on the album as a session musician, as the band chose not to hire a replacement for Condos to play on the album.

Track listing

1."Everybody Needs"Peter Atanasoff, Tito Larriva, Charlie MidnightLarriva, Midnight5:23
2."Forever Forgotten & Unforgiven"Atanasoff, Larriva, Bernie LarsenLarriva5:26
3."Crack in the World"LarrivaJohn Paragon3:26
4."Goodbye Sadie"Atanasoff, Larriva, Bron TiemanLarriva4:46
5."Lady Don't Leave"Steven Hufsteter, LarrivaHufsteter, Larriva3:52
6."Lonely Sweet Marie"Atanasoff, LarrivaLarriva3:20
7."Crime & Shame"Hufsteter, LarrivaHufsteter, Larriva3:08
8."Bitch"Atanasoff, Larriva, TiemanAtanasoff, Larriva, Tieman3:08
9."World at My Feet"Hufsteter, LarrivaHufsteter, Larriva4:23
10."Super Vita Jane"Hufsteter, LarrivaLarriva3:37
11."Dead Person"Atanasoff, Larriva, Domonique DavalosLarriva3:56
12."Silent Train"LarrivaLarriva4:21
  • (Based on the song "Mexico")"
  • (Larriva)
  • Larriva
  • (Atanasoff, Larriva, Tony Marsico)
  • 3:14


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